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  • Christian Song

DocuSign Connector for NetDocuments

Blue Car Technologies’ DocuSign Connector for NetDocuments provides a truly seamless integration between NetDocuments and DocuSign. Allowing documents to be signed from an intuitive right click action with signed documents and activity history automatically returned to the document management system within 210 seconds!

ROI Points:

  • Support cloud and on premises implementations.

  • An intuitive right click action to initiate the DocuSign signing process within NetDocuments, shortening the signing process to seconds.

  • Signed documents automatically saved back into NetDocuments as a new version or new document, reducing user workload by eliminating the manual “print-sign-scan-file” process, and automatically re-filing documents with their originals.

  • Flexible and rich configuration options to match your organisation’s workflow, simplifying the esigning and DMS management process.

  • Complete audit trail and traceability, meeting or exceeding your governance and compliance requirements.

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