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Case Studies


Blue Car Technologies’ DMS Archiver for iManage Work was selected to assist with Bech-Bruun’s DMS archiving requirements by providing an automatic 2- step archiving solution to meet the firm’s DMS Matter compliance requirements with a flexible and configurable workflow to apply, approve or deny extension requests. The solution supports on premises and iManage Cloud.


Blue Car Technologies helped Bird&Bird successfully integrate DocuSign Connector for iManage Work. With the integration, the law firm's signed versions of documents are automatically stored in the document management system, together with an electronic receipt that lists IP addresses and other key details. The business including the IT department is now using it to exchange non-disclosure agreements, contracts, and other agreements with external suppliers.


The support of Blue Car Technologies keeps RPC's legacy software running smoothly at the same time as introducing bespoke enhancements to internal efficiency. The developed solution is now  critical to a large part of RPC's business as it manages both the process and the complex financial aspects of the insurance work they undertake on behalf of their clients.

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