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BI Datahub

Providing streamlined integration between Microsoft Power BI and your other mission critical business applications such as iManage Work, connecting you directly to your data, uncovering predictive patterns, associations and trends across your organisation.

Screen shots of the PowerBI process and
BI Datahub Technical Architecture
BI Connector-1.png

High Level Business Benefits

  • Get data from your iManage Workspaces.

  • Provide a huge range of report and visual choices.

  • Connect your business to various data sources. 

Key Features

  • Provide a direct view of your most critical business data.

  • Generate reports and dashboards from your iManage Work Cloud or On Prem data.

  • Clickthrough statistical management information.

  • Build and customise your own dashboards and deploy them to the Web.

  • Access Workspace and document activity statistics.

  • Control access to your data by user through iManage Universal API.

Screen shots of the PowerBI process and
Customise your iManage Workspaces and Document Dashboard
BI Databub allows you to access your iManage Work Workspaces and Document Activity data through a Power BI data dictionary. 
iManage Data.png
Customise your iManage Document Activity Dashboard


Get connected directly to your business critical data and produce stunning dashboards and clickthrough statistical management

information.  Contact +441183 382 916 or for a free demo or consultation.

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