Frictionless Integration With iManage Work


Accounts Receivable Collections System, Third Generation is a fully comprehensive revenue management system that integrates with professional-service billing systems to streamline collection processes, efficiently track WIP/AR and manage unresponsive accounts.

Multilevel tracking of both Work In Progress and Accounts Receivable, an extensive selection of preconfigured and wizard-generated reports, quick to complex queries for instant access to account information with drill-down to detailed data, account-specific tracking tools (payment promises, payment plans, etc.), and automatic processing of notifications make ARCS3 a high-powered revenue management solution.

Blue Car Technologies' Minisoft ARCS3 Connector for iManage Work

  • Integrates ACRS3 document production with your iManage Work document library.

  • Combines a comprehensive revenue management system with professional billing systems to streamline collection.

  • Reviews the documents created, sent and revised from ARCS to iManage Work.

  • Tracks WIP/AR and manages unresponsive accounts.

  • Gives users access to the latest collection information from within the DMS by storing ARCS3 documents.

  • Eliminates manual movement of ARCS 3 documents to the relevant Document Management Workspace.

  • Supports all ARCS3 document types.


We provide unique, leading edge software solutions that integrate with and enhance commonly-used Microsoft and enterprise legal software systems. These drive productivity and improve effectiveness for our clients on a day-to-day basis, leading to greater accuracy, speed and efficiency in both collection and company financial management.

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