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Frequently Asked Questions

“Why should I use the DocuSign connector for DMS from Blue Car Technologies?”  

Our connector will save your users time by frictionlessly integrating between your document managements systems’ user interface, and DocuSign.  It will ensure that signed copies of your documents will be automatically recorded next to the originals in the document management system improving governance and compliance in you working processes.  

“How is your DocuSign Connector for DMS solution architected?”   

Our connector is built on the Microsoft technology stack in .net using a distributed Net/TCP architecture, and Microsoft SQL Server.  This allows us to support on premises, Cloud, and hybrid network architectures.  All communication is performed over HTTPS/TLS using native DocuSign and Document Management System API’s. We can supply further technical documentation and architecture diagrams as required.   

“Can Blue Car Technologies provide end user training for DocuSign, or assist with DocuSign configuration setup?”  

Yes, we certainly can. As a DocuSign partner and reseller, we can provide additional end user and administration training if required.  We have a user operation guide to help you on board your users with the Blue Car connector as well.  

“What support is available, and do you have presence in the US, Canada and Australia etc.?” 

Blue Car Technologies has a dedicated software development and support team based in the UK. The unlimited support via our support portal -, email or phone during UK business hours is included in your annual subscription. We have partners in the United States, France, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and UEA etc., who may be able to provide support as well.  

“What is the USP of Blue Car Technologies’ DocuSign Connector?”  

Blue Car Technologies has a UK based, dedicated development team working on the product. We do not provide iManage implementation services therefore we are able to focus on adding new features to the DocuSign Connector product continuously based on customer feedback. We did an analysis with DocuSign recently and our connector was responsible for facilitating approximately 500,000 transactions per year across 100 clients gloabally which makes it the most successful product in its category.  

“What documentation do you provide?”  

We provide a comprehensive Configuration and Administration guide which covers all the flexible options of the system and how to set it up.  We also provide a user operation guide to help you on-board your uses with the connector.  We can also provide further DocuSign specific user training if you are new to DocuSign or just rolling it out.  Additional technical architecture documentation is also available to help your network infrastructure and security teams.  

“How does the planning and implementation process work for the Blue Car DocuSign connector?”  

We have a pre-install questionnaire which contains information required by Blue Car to install and configure the connector.  We will supply the questionnaire to you during the pre-sales process so we can work with your technical team to understand your specific environment and deal with any networking or security questions.  Once this is completed, and you are ready to move ahead with the installation we will firstly arrange a planning call to go through the pre-install questionnaire to answer any questions and schedule the implementation service.  


We will then work with you through Microsoft Teams on-line meetings to install and configure the connector either in your environment, or in our Microsoft Azure hosting environment. We will also do a knowledge transfer service with the nominated technical contact from the customer.  

“What is your lead time for the implementation service?”  

Usually about two to three weeks from signature of the contract.  

“How is your product licensed?”  

We have two licensing models which are closely tied to your DocuSign licensing.  We offer user-based licensing (cost per seat), or a percentage of your DocuSign spend if you are based on a DocuSign envelope subscription model.  When you provide us with details of your licensing approach, we can provide a tailored quote to meet your needs.  

“Who are Blue Car Technologies and what is their relationship with our DMS vendor and DocuSign?”  

Blue Car Technologies is a UK based independent software vendor providing bespoke software and software products to the legal and professional services market.  We are a Microsoft partner, and a technology partner for your DMS vendor. We are also a DocuSign partner and reseller. We have a global client base using our services and DocuSign connector software.  

“Do you offer a price guarantee?”  

Blue Car Technologies is pleased to offer a price match guarantee on like-for-like product functionality for our DocuSign Connector and DMS Archiver for iManage Work products.  


Contact or +441183 382 916 to book a discovery call or demo. 

“Do you have different editions of the connector?"

Yes, we provide Pro, Standard and Lite editions to match our customers' specific requirements. Each successive edition adds additional incremental features.

Compare DocuSign Connector Editions

We provide Pro, Standard and Lite editions to match our customers' specific requirements. Each successive edition adds additional incremental features.

Connector Pro

Advanced Workflows and Compliance

Connector Standard

Professional DMS Integration Experience

Connector Lite

Seamless Signing Experience
  • All Features of Standard

  • Bulk send

  • DocuSign Connect real-time push notification support

  • 15-minute sweep

  • Management Tool to create user groups and group members for group based sending

  • All features of Lite

  • Documents returned to DMS automatically

  • Daily / 24 hour sweep (users will still get the DocuSign email notification)

  • All document configuration options

  • Right Click and sign with DocuSign within the DMS

  • Documents are returned to DMS manually

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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