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Migrate your COM API based custom applications

Are you prepared for end of life for iManage’s DeskSite and FileSite?

iManage recently announced end of life (EOL) for DeskSite, Filesite, and IDOL Indexer - a move that will end support for its core legacy products after December 2023. With the introduction of iManage Work 10, iManage will retire all 9.x versions of its classic clients:

If you are a customer using any 9.x versions of the classic client applications or you have custom developed add-ons, Blue Car Technologies is here to help you update your applications built into DeskSite, FileSite and Microsoft Office.


It's recommended that all iManage customers (both cloud and on-prem) look to transition all applications, 3rd party integrations, and bespoke software using the iManage COM API, to the iManage Universal API.


As an iManage Technology partner, we have extensive experience and expertise in developing custom applications that integrate with iManage Work. We can help your firm migrate your COM API based custom applications to the iManage’s Universal API standard.


Contact our expert development team for a free initial consultation to start the planning process to minimise any disruptions and risks to your mission critical business applications.


NOTE: This notice is meant to reaffirm that date and DeskSite, FileSite, Indexer powered by IDOL, and FileShare will all still have an EOL of December 29, 2023.


Previously, iManage had also specified that the End of Support for these products would occur earlier in the year by June 20, 2023. However, in addition to the confusion between two dates (one for EOL and the other for End of Support), customers raised that they would not want to run a product that iManage would not be supporting.

iManage DeskSite


iManage FileSite


iManage Work Indexer powered by IDOL


iManage FileShare


Worksite Web Service (SOAP) API


Mobility 9.x and Mobility 2 REST API

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