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iManage Integration Solutions

A leader in innovative products that improve day-to-day efficiency for professional services organisations, Blue Car Technologies offers integration solutions specifically designed for iManage Work.

DocuSign and iManage Work Integration

DocuSign® is a cloud-based signature technology that allows users to sign documents digitally and store these on their preferred online platform. No need to print, scan, fax or mail legal documents overnight for signing and approval.


Our integration solution allows users to sign documents with a single right-click action and then return into iManage Work once complete.

A single right click action to initiate the signing process within FileSite, DeskSite or the Web interface, shortening the signing process to seconds.

Complete audit trail and traceability, meeting or exceeding your security policies and practices.​

Flexible and rich configuration options to match your organisation’s work flow, simplifying the e-signing and DMS management process.

Signed documents automatically saved back into iManage as a new version or new document, reducing user workload by eliminating the manual “print-sign-scan-file” process.

Minisoft ARCS3 and iManage Work Integration


Minisoft’s Accounts Receivable Collections System Third Generation (ARCS3) helps law firms protect their and manage their finances. It is a comprehensive revenue management system that streamlines collection processes and manages unresponsive accounts. You can maximise its capabilities by integrating it into your iManage Work environment. Our Minisoft ARCS3 Connector is here to ensure seamless integration.

Our solution integrates ARCS3 document production with your iManage Work document library.

It is easier to review documents created, sent and revised from ARCS3 to iManage Work.

It eliminates the manual transfer of ARCS3 documents to the relevant iManage Work’s workspace.

Our Connector supports all ARCS3 document types, removing the need to convert files.

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