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DocuSign Connector for iManage Work New Release - Version 2.3.1

Updated: May 15

We are pleased to announce the release of version 2.3.1 of Blue Car Technologies' DocuSign Connector for iManage Work. Our customers will benefit from a host of exciting new features such as:

  • JSON Connect updates additionally allow real time status notifications to push events to the timeline of documents from the DocuSign Connector.

  • New function also allows the Connector to retry failed envelopes once picked up by DocuSign Connect.

  • Pending Envelopes List updated web UI - Improved the Envelope list to provide better context and control over the envelopes created.

  • Cost Recovery - Added emailing and database fields to allow a csv export from the DocuSign Database to be saved locally or sent directly by email.

...and more!

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