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DocuSign Connector for OpenText eDOCS

Blue Car Technologies provides custom software solutions that link DocuSign® and OpenText eDOCS with our DocuSign® Connector.


The system integrates DocuSign® capabilities seamlessly with OpenText eDOCS clients, allowing you to incorporate signing tasks into your OpenText eDOCS documents. By removing the three-layered “print-sign-scan” process, the technology shortens the turnaround time of every signing task.

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Benefits of Our DocuSign® - OpenText eDOCS Solution

Go Paperless – With our DocuSign® Connector solution, your organisation can start going paperless without changing any of the processes or workflows you are comfortable with. The DocuSign® Connector lets you sign tasks directly on the DM extensions for OpenText eDOCS, and standardises your paperless signature approvals.

Instant Verification – Recipients of a digitally signed document through DocuSign® can immediately verify the signature and the signatory, establishing content integrity in seconds.

Compliance with Digital Regulations – DocuSign® signed documents comply with strict industry, national and international rules for digital signatures.

A single click action to initiate the signing process – Quick and efficient.

All signed documents automatically go back to OpenText eDOCS as a new version of the document that bears the signatures of all your stakeholders.

As a DocuSign® Technology Partner, Blue Car Technologies’ product portfolio brings the functionality of iManage Work, OpenText eDOCS, NetDocuments and Worldox DMS environments to a higher level. Legal organisations may look forward to an easy-to-use and intuitive system that integrates with your current processes smoothly, with minimal disruption to your business.


Blue Car Technologies provides tailored software solutions to professional service organisations in the legal sector. We develop strong relationships with clients and partners to give us an understanding of their organisation’s unique needs.


Make the most of your DocuSign and OpenText eDOCS investment today. Contact +441183 382 916 or to schedule a free demo or consultation.

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