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DocuSign Connector for OpenText eDOCS

A truly seamless integration between DocuSign and OpenText eDOCS, to improve governance and traceability of the entire DocuSign signing experience.
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We provide custom software solutions that link DocuSign® and OpenText eDOCS with our DocuSign® Connector.


The system integrates DocuSign® capabilities seamlessly with OpenText eDOCS, allowing you to incorporate signing tasks into your OpenText eDOCS documents. By removing the three-layered “print-sign-scan” process, the technology shortens the turnaround time of every signing task.

Go Paperless

With our DocuSign® Connector solution, your organisation can start going paperless without changing any of the processes or workflows you are comfortable with. The DocuSign® Connector lets you sign tasks directly on the DM extensions for OpenText eDOCS, and standardises your paperless signature approvals.

Instant Verification

Recipients of a digitally signed document through DocuSign® can immediately verify the signature and the signatory, establishing content integrity in seconds.

Compliance with Digital Regulations

DocuSign® signed documents comply with strict industry, national and international rules for digital signatures.

A single right click action to initiate the signing process within FileSite, DeskSite or the Web interface, shortening the signing process to seconds.

Complete audit trail and traceability, meeting or exceeding your security policies and practices.​

Flexible and rich configuration options to match your organisation’s work flow, simplifying the e-signing and DMS management process.

Signed documents automatically saved back into iManage as a new version or new document, reducing user workload by eliminating the manual “print-sign-scan-file” process.

Compare DocuSign Connector Editions

Blue Car Technologies provide Pro, Standard and Lite editions to match customers' specific requirements. Each successive edition adds additional incremental features. We have flexible pricing where we can offer pricing per seat, or a percentage of your DocuSign envelope spend. 


We also have a price match guarantee on like-for-like product functionality. 


If you have any questions on pricing or product features, please contact 

Connector Pro

Advanced Workflows and Compliance

Connector Standard

Professional DMS Integration Experience

Connector Lite

Seamless Signing Experience
  • All Features of Standard

  • Bulk send

  • DocuSign Connect real-time push notification support

  • 15-minute sweep

  • Management Tool to create user groups and group members for group based sending

  • All features of Lite

  • Documents returned to DMS automatically

  • Daily / 24 hour sweep (users will still get the DocuSign email notification)

  • All document configuration options

  • Right Click and sign with DocuSign within the DMS

  • Documents are returned to DMS manually

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? Visit our FAQ page.

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