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Seamless Microsoft Office 64-Bit

Upgrade Service


64-bit Microsoft Office Applications can access more memory and therefor help business be more productive working with large files and/or working with large data sets, especially for scenarios such as:


  • You’re working with large data sets, like enterprise-scale Excel workbooks with complex calculations, many pivot tables, data connections to external databases, Power Pivot, 3D Map, Power View, or Get & Transform.  The 64-bit version of Office may perform better in these cases.


  • You’re working with extremely large pictures, videos, or animations in PowerPoint.  The 64-bit version of Office may be better suited to handle these complex slide decks.


  • You’re working with files over 2 GB in Project, especially if the project has many sub-projects.


  • You’re developing in-house Office solutions like add-ins or document-level customization.  Using the 64-bit version of Office lets you deliver a 64-bit version of those solutions as well as a 32-bit version.  In-house Office solution developers should have access to the 64-bit Office for testing and updating these solutions.


  • You’re working with the Large Number data type in Access, and while this data type is supported by 32-bit Access, you may see unexpected results when executing code or expressions that use native 32-bit VBA libraries.  64-bit VBA provides the LongLong data type which fully supports large numbers.

Why Blue Car Technologies


Blue Car Technologies have extensive experience in helping organisations like you with any Microsoft Office 64-bit upgrade challenges.


We can help you minimise disruptions to your users' Microsoft Office desktop and its integration with other line of business applications.


In addition we  offer Microsoft Office 64-bit Office templates and Add-ins such as printer macros, VBA and template macros and .NET Microsoft Office Add-in development.

Your business critical applications will be secure, current, and streamlined when partnering with Blue Car Technologies.  Improve your workflow today with our Microsoft Office 64-Bit Upgrade Service.  Call or email us to learn more.

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