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  • Christian Song

DMS Archiver for iManage Work new release

We are pleased to announce the release of version 2.4.2 of Blue Car Technologies' DMS Archiver for iManage Work. 


The new version adds Document Exclusion, Folder Exclusion, SMPT Email Support, and other exciting features such as: 

  • Move all versions – Allows moving all versions of documents within a matter.

  • Move document history – Allows moving all document history.

  • Automap properties by name – Added a switch that allows Archiver to AutoMap properties between source and target systems..

  • Move then Delete Step – Added a new step that combines the move and the deletion step process. Allows users to setup the one step rather than two.

  • Added support for document eligibility, setting up conditions for individual documents to be processed one at a time.

  • Cloud iManage throttling support – Added support for throttling to limit web requests.

  • Force Unlock – Allow force unlock after number of attempts fail by the service.

  • Ignore missing content – Archiver now supports handling documents with no content.

 ...and more!

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