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DMS Integrations

Our solutions provide frictionless integration between iManage Work, OpenText eDOCS, NetDocuments, Worldox and your other line of business applications.


We specialise in integrating DocuSign APIs to allow seamless electronic signatures within a document management environment.

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DocuSign Connector for iManage Work

With a simple single right-click, user can initiate the DocuSign signing experience within their iManage Work environment and signed documents with the signing certificate and history document coming back to iManage Work automatically.

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DocuSign Connector for NetDocuments

Blue Car Technologies’ DocuSign Connector for NetDocuments provides a truly seamless integration between NetDocuments and DocuSign. Allowing documents to be signed from an intuitive right click action and activity history automatically returned to the DMS.

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DocuSign Connector for OpenText eDOCS

A custom software solution that link DocuSign® and OpenText eDOCS with our DocuSign® Connector. The system integrates DocuSign® capabilities seamlessly with OpenText eDOCS clients, allowing you to incorporate signing tasks into your OpenText eDOCS documents. 

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DocuSign Connector for Worldox

With our DocuSign Connector for Worldox, users can initiate the DocuSign signing process with a single right click action and signed documents automatically returned to the document management system.

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DMS Archiver for
iManage Work

Providing an automatic 2-step archiving solution to meet your DMS Matter compliance requirements. A highly configurable workflow to apply, review and approve extension requests.


Minisoft ARCS3 and iManage Work Integration

This integration helps law firms protect their and manage their finances. It is a comprehensive revenue management system that streamlines collection processes and manages unresponsive accounts. You can maximise its capabilities by integrating it into your iManage Work environment. 

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