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DocuSign Connector for iManage Work

Measures in place to protect the public from the COVID-19 pandemic have brought considerable challenges to the traditional way of signing and exchanging contracts, with most stakeholders working remotely or observing self-isolation. There has been a sharp increase in the adoption of electronic signatures from vendors such as DocuSign as a result to overcome some of the practical issues.

Blue Car Technologies can help your business eliminate the paper, automate the signing process and integrate it to your other line of business applications already in place. As a partner of DocuSign, Blue Car Technologies not only supplies DocuSign licenses but also specialises in integrating DocuSign APIs to allow seamless electronic signatures within a document management environment. For example, our market leading DocuSign Connector for iManage Work provides frictionless integration between DocuSign and iManage Work Clients allowing documents to be signed from a single right click action and signed documents are automatically returned to your familiar DMS.

Please contact or +44(0)1183 382916 for a no obligation quote or demo.

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