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Bespoke software development, integration and support services

With over 20 years of experience and expertise gained within the legal sector, we offer law firms, international institutions and corporate legal departments tailored and highly-specialised IT advice and solutions.

We are a leader in innovative bespoke software development to

improve business efficiency.

Frictionless integration between your DMS and other lines of business applications.

Your partner in building legacy software and providing expert knowledge and technical support.

We embrace an agile approach for higher quality, faster completion and improved productivity.

Digitally Transform

Your Business with our Innovative Products











I was impressed with how Blue Car Technologies carefully considered our compliance challenges and collaborated with our internal stakeholders on improving our DMS archiving process.

Chief Information Officer

RPC Logo

RPC would highly recommend Blue Car for bespoke development support services. BCT have been keeping our legacy software and systems running smoothly at the same time as introducing bespoke enhancements to internal efficiency. They play a vital role in supporting our business requirements such as for regulations and compliance.

IT Director

Council of Europe

Blue Car Technologies have enabled the development of such a data model within a short time frame while enabling an exploration of imprecise business needs flexibly.

Senior Project Officer

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Contact us

for your bespoke software development, integration or support requirements.

Blue Car Technologies Strapline

40rty Caversham Business Centre, 40 Caversham Road
Reading, RG1 7EB, United Kingdom  |  Tel: +441183 382 916

At Blue Car Technologies, we have been providing high quality iManage consultancy services and technology solutions to the legal sector since 2007.

With in-house teams for application development, technical support, consultancy, training, project delivery and client success, our unique business structure enables us to support firms at every step of the document and esignature journey.

Optimise and enhance the iManage system, securing data and streamlining workflows for busy teams.

We are a the most flexible software development agency in the UK. All tech-enabled businesses require a flexible partner to build, deploy, iterate and support their software systems, whether they are starting a new venture, finishing an existing project or supporting a legacy system. Contact us now and work with an award-winning software development company in the UK.

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