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Book a Demo with Blue Car Technologies at British Legal Technology Forum

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Blue Car Technologies is exhibiting at British Legal Technology Forum in London. We are excited to have an opportunity to meet our partners, customers and legal professionals in person.

As Europe’s leading legal technology conference and exhibition, The British Legal Technology Forum will bring together professionals from both the legal and commercial technology sectors to examine and explore the systems, strategies, processes and platforms that will drive law firms and legal businesses into the next decade and beyond.

We are offering free demos at booth A29 for all our products as well as consultations for bespoke software development services on offer.

Be sure to join us and discover how you can drive your law firm from our market leading products and services such as:

Providing seamless integration between your familiar DMS environment (iManage Work, NetDocuments, Worldox and OpenText eDOCS) and DocuSign. Allowing documents to be signed from a single right click action with signed documents automatically returned to the document management system.

A multi-step DMS archiving workflow solution to help automate the DMS archiving process with flexible configuration options. Supports a range of workflow actions including soft delete, moving and deletion of matters from multiple sources and destinations. Users are notified by email if the workspace(s) they are responsible for are due to be fully archived. 

Efficiently organise documents with our new Automatic Footer tool for iManage Desktop for Windows users.

Providing streamlined integration between Microsoft Power BI and your other mission critical business applications such as iManage Work.

An integration between your iManage Work document library and Accounts Receivable Collections System, Third Generation. Eliminates manual movement of ARCS 3 documents to the relevant Document Management Workspace.

Offering tailored software solutions that link and enhance commonly used Microsoft and enterprise legal software systems to help drive productivity and improve effectiveness.

Contact us today to book a demo or have a catch up in person. We hope to see you there!


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