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Blue Car Technologies Customer Success Stories - Bech-Bruun

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Bech-Bruun is a market-oriented law firm offering a wide range of specialist advisory services to large sections of the Danish corporate and public sectors as well as global enterprises. Counting more than 500 experienced and highly specialised employees, they are one of Denmark’s leading full-service law firms.

Led by Stefan Winquist the CIO, the project team at Bech-Bruun approached Blue Car Technologies to provide a Document Management System (DMS) archiving solution to automate the firm’s DMS archiving process, meet the complex internal DMS Matter compliance requirements and provide a highly configurable workflow to apply, review and approve extension requests.

Learn more about how Bech-Bruun benefited from DMS Archiving solution in our case study.

If your business is looking to take advantage of an advanced DMS archiving solution to improve your governance and compliance, book a free demo with our team today.


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