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Transitioning into a Paperless Law Office

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

There is a lot of paperwork involved in the world of law. New clients will bring necessary documents with them and repeat client’s files include papers and papers of in depth details of every interaction.

Needless to say, document management is crucial at every law firm.

Why go paperless?

Converting to a paperless office for law firms isn’t a matter of simply flipping a switch. But the effort is worth it. Expect a challenging transition and look forward to a leaner, more efficient law firm when you’re done. And while there are also the positive environmental implications of ‘going green’!

Plus, it is estimated that going paperless could save a business up to £284,840 a year.

Adopting a paperless system

A paperless law office is a legal practice that keeps minimal, if any, paper documents to hand. Instead of printing every contract and document, paperless firms convert their paper files into digital documents.

Around one third of all firms handle their document management using a cloud-based model, means that going paperless is indeed possible in the legal sector.

Document Management Systems

A cloud-based document management system will make storing, organising and working in general, easier than using paper files. Implementing protocols for digitising every document which arrives at your office will help.

What are the benefits?

Reduced operational costs: digitising internal paper-based systems reduces printing and other operational costs.

Regained time for productivity: when content is stored centrally and correctly indexed, it’s easily accessible. Employees won't have to waste time searching for those files and can quickly share information across the firm.

Better security and compliance: securing your data is in your best interest. If you don’t, you risk losing business-critical information that can have a negative impact on business continuity and client relationships.

Environmental impact: by becoming paperless, you can reduce your impact of deforestation, cut energy use and help lessen the impact of climate change.

Converting to a paperless office requires a detailed roadmap. It is vital at the outset to do the groundwork research and establish a strategy and timeline for the transition. Doing so will increase acceptance of the new procedures with the employees. In the planning stage, it is vital to coordinate with key contributors and firm leadership to establish the foundation of what will become the document naming and organizational protocols of the new paperless law firm.

Digitising your firm

Reducing paper and digitizing your office gives you an unprecedented opportunity to successfully lower your cost of doing business. Combine your digitized office with law practice management software to save time and money by decreasing your investment in:

  • Physical storage space

  • Paper, ink, and files

  • Printer maintenance and repair

  • Labour to file and retrieve documents

You will need to put the right tools and processes in place such as Data and Practice Management, Document Sharing, Video Conferencing and Electronic Signature Solutions, and determine which tools to use and when.

DocuSign’s advanced electronic signature technology allows your business to digitally send and sign documents efficiently and securely by recording transaction details and linking the signer to the documents online.

Although shifting to a paperless law office will require an initial investment of time and resources, the return in terms of money saved and money earned through a more efficient and effective practice will be more than worth it. If you are looking to transform into a paperless law firm and implement solutions such as eSignature and a Document Management System, contact Blue Car Technologies today.


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