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Reducing risk and improving governance with electronic signature adoption and DMS integration

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Regular readers of Blue Car Technologies’ blog should be fully aware that we have been advocating the use of electronic signature for contract preparation, signing and management. There has been a remarkable rise of adoption of electronic signature solutions, partly accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. With remote working becoming increasingly normalised, businesses are forced to change the practices they used to be resistant to. Furthermore, many have discovered that the changes can bring significant cost savings, efficiency gains and perhaps more importantly, reduction in risk and improvement in governance.

Our partner DocuSign, a leader in Electronic Signature and Agreement Cloud, is committed to security excellence, including physical security, platform security, and security processes. They adhere to the most stringent internationally recognised security and privacy standards and regulations and validate that continuously through their robust compliance certification program.

In addition, DocuSign ensures privacy by managing customer data only on the customer’s behalf and in accordance with the customer’s instructions. Their focus on security, compliance, and privacy reduces risk and improves a legal department’s ability to track, access, audit, and properly retain documents and agreements.

For businesses that utilise DocuSign to accelerate their agreement process and a Document Manage System to track critical documents and speed up workflow, having a seamless DocuSign and DMS integration solution in place can further enhance their ability to maintain the robustness of the electronic data file and therefore improving governance.

First, users can initiate the DocuSign signing process without leaving their familiar DMS environment, relying on the integration to bring the signed documents back into the DMS. This effectively eliminates potential human error in downloading and filing documents in the wrong matter workspace or folder.

Second, the integration solution can update and create audit records to help maintain data integrity within the DMS by adding the DocuSign Signing Certificate and activity tracking documents automatically, providing the complete audit trail and traceability for the entire e-signing process such as recipients, dates and times, user actions and activities etc.

Moreover, having a state of art DMS integration can offer various flexible configuration options to match an organistion’s internal workflow, simplifying the e-signing and DMS management process, matching or exceeding their existing security or compliance requirements.

With the latest innovation in electronic signature and DMS integration, why would any firms go back to the old ways and the laborious manual processes, ever?

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