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Legal Tech Trends to Watch this Year

With the nation starting to go back to normality after the pandemic, law firms are looking to adjust to the new norm by looking towards legal technology trends to address client demand and continue to grow their firms.

The speed and flexibility of the cloud, automation, and other tools allow law firms to deploy solutions without developer support or long wait times for IT. According to Gartner, the legal and technology predictions for 2022 include the notion that the legal department will automate over 50% of legal work for key business transactions. In this blog, we look at 6 legal tech trends that law firms are focusing on this year. A Rapid Adoption of all things Digital

Digital transformation is sweeping across the globe, across every industry and across the legal sector.

Digital transformation in legal industry means digitizing every aspect of the legal experience, including service delivery, workflow, processes, team collaboration and client engagement. The speed and flow of work in the traditional law firm might seem as compared to the pace and instant satisfaction that consumers would expect from present-world digital tools.  

Consumers are moving toward digital, mainly for efficiency, and law firms are looking to get onboard.

A Cybersecurity Focus

Unfortunately, cybercrime is on the rise. Even in the legal sector. As law firms shift from face-to-face meetings to online calls, more and more sensitive information is at risk from hacks and data breaches.

According to a report from the National Cyber Security Centre, over 60 percent of law firms reported an information breach. Law firms have a lot of sensitive business and client data and are increasingly moving toward remote systems and cloud-based storage, so it’s more important than ever for them to protect data with rigorous cybersecurity measures.

A Client Experience Improvement

Like many other sectors, the legal industry is expected to shift to a more client focused approached this year. Clients are becoming increasingly sophisticated procurers of legal services, expecting more flexible, accessible methods of service delivery, available ‘on-demand’.

Sustainability, diversity, and inclusion are also becoming more and more important to society, so law firms are aiming to widen the online talent pool and bring in talent from more diverse backgrounds, as well as providing more job development opportunities.

A Higher Bar for Communication

The increasing number of people working in global organizations drives the demand for more skillful communicators. Technology is driving people toward new ways of communicating. More and more people are working in virtual offices, spread across multiple, sometimes moving, locations.

The practice of law is highly dependent on good communication skills, as it allows to connect with clients in a more meaningful way and solve problems more efficiently. It is also essential to communicate effectively with colleagues.

A New Way for Administrative Work

Automation. It is already popular for law firms, but it’s likely to increase during 2022 to improve efficiency and lower expenses. Legal automation technology can handle many repetitive tasks, such as billing and invoicing. Workflow automation is a valuable tool for any business to stay productive.

Autonomic computing systems can create a set of technology capabilities that are able to support any new requirements and situations and optimise performance without any human intervention.

A Change in Remote Working

Legal firms require technology solutions to implement effective and reliable work-from-home policies. Businesses don’t need to develop a new solution from scratch. Instead, they can integrate web conferencing and payroll solutions with existing app or website to manage remote workers.

However, while integrating or using any tool, you need to consider the security of the information transferred during remote working. Legal data could be more confidential; therefore, you need to consult the right technology partner who understands security aspects and helps you to provide the best and secure solution.

Legal departments and organisations that leverage digital technologies can distinguish themselves in the competitive legal landscape. Technology is transforming the way we interact, creating a modern digital legal workspace.

To learn more about how our bespoke software, integration and support can help transform your business, get in touch with the Blue Car Technologies team today.

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