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Innovative iManage Solutions

Do you want to ensure successful iManage adoption and improved business outcomes?

We provide innovative software solutions that both integrate with, and extend the value of, your iManage knowledge work platform to further enhance the user experience.


Blue Car Technologies’ DocuSign DTM Connector for iManage Work provides a truly seamless integration between DocuSign and iManage Work, whilst improving governance and traceability of the entire DocuSign signing experience.  

A two-step DMS archiving solution to help automate the DMS archiving process with flexible configuration options where users are notified by email if the workspace(s) they are responsible for are due to be fully archived. 

Efficiently organise documents with our new Automatic Footer Tool for iManage Desktop for Windows users. 

Providing streamlined integration between Microsoft Power BI and your other mission critical business applications such as iManage Work.

A leader in innovative products that improve day-to-day efficiency for professional services organisations, Blue Car Technologies offers integration solutions specifically designed for iManage Work.

For a demo of any of our products, please get in touch.

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