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How Legal Tech is Focusing on the Client Experience

More than ever, law firms need to find any technology that makes the client experience more convenient, seamless, and transparent will increase both the quantity and quality of cases for law firms.

Streamlined Operations and Increased Efficiency

In addition to quick access to information, legal tech allows you to automate simple, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks, increasing efficiency and boosting the bottom line.

Some tasks that firms may be able to automate are:

  • Client engagement

  • Event/Appointment management

  • Client communication

  • Contract Lifecycle Management

  • Finalising and signing agreements

  • Billing and invoicing

For added efficiency, legal tech integrations extend the functionality of a given tool, meaning no more toggling between screens or duplicating efforts in multiple programs. By consolidating daily applications in one convenient location, such as a case management system, law firms are able to accomplish more in less time.

Document Automation

Document automation technology allows lawyers to create and share legal documents that are specifically tailored to each client’s needs and specifications.

Using a secure client portal, lawyers and clients can communicate and collaborate in real time, saving both parties the time, confusion, and frustration that often results from back-and-forth emails.


Implementing an electric signature solution such as DocuSign allows receiving, reviewing, signing, and sending documents to your clients quickly and securely, thereby improving customer experiences. It saves lawyers time by vastly improving operational efficiencies in the firm, leading to more time to focus on client engagement.

Invest in Legal Software Today

Better results aren't just good for satisfied clients. They will also likely lead to great online reviews, which is important because 84% of people trust these reviews when choosing an attorney to represent them.

If you’re in the market for legal tech and want to learn more about how technology solutions can improve client experiences as well as internally, get in touch with the team here at Blue Car Technologies.

We are a leader in innovative products that improve efficiency within your firm, and we offer integration solutions such as the DocuSign Connector for your chosen Document Management System.

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