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How Large Law Firms can Benefit from an eSignature Solution

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Unlike small to medium firms, large, global law firms have the capital to adopt the latest digital technologies. Here's how DocuSign’s eSignature solution provides the necessary advantages:

Saves Time

DocuSign can help law firms increase operational efficiency and reduce the time it takes to prepare, send and sign documents.

Electronic signatures accelerate the agreement or contract signing process by making customer interactions more efficient. It eliminates the need for paper documents and allows companies to save time by transitioning to digital documents. In addition, they provide great flexibility in multitasking between projects and help streamline the workflow.

Cost Savings

DocuSign eSignature eliminates the costs included with printing, sending and storing agreements, which adds up to an average $36 saved per agreement. 

Large enterprises can save money by integrating eSignatures. With many companies deciding to go lean to maximize profits, electronic signatures are a good fit. In addition, they help curb expenditures concerning printing, scanning, and storing documents.

Enhancing Efficiency in Workflow

With DocuSign, you can easily prepare agreements using your existing documents and data from other systems—no need to create new forms or rekey data. Flexible workflow capabilities let you share agreements with the right people in the right order and define roles for each recipient, automating what used to be a slow, manual process.

E-signature documents can be signed from anywhere in the world, using nearly any device. Companies can enhance the efficiency within internal processes by shifting to digital documents. Moving from paper to digital methods can streamline workflows and ensure your teams concentrate on value-generating tasks instead of paper-pushing.

Encourages Collaboration

Electronic signature solutions can encourage collaboration within firms to resolve a customer's pain point. By bringing automation to workflows, they can improve productivity and eliminate errors. It reduces repetitive tasks and helps legal offices complete tasks remotely.

Reduces Risk

Electronic signatures are more difficult to forge and highly secure than handwritten signatures. They are encrypted during transit to stakeholders and protect users from unauthorized access, which is a genuine risk regarding manual documentation.

Superior Customer Experience

eSignatures can allow customers to sign documents on the go making it convenient and simple for customers to interact with your business.

Electronic signatures provide a way to transform processes and allow businesses to reduce their paperwork. They are a cost-effective alternative to traditional wet ink signatures. They are simple to set up and more accessible to store documents for later retrieval.

The advantages of eSignatures aid in making businesses digitally forward and paving the way to reach a new set of customers. Keeping internal processes smooth is essential to gain a competitive edge. For enterprises looking to organise documents digitally and sign electronically, DocuSign is the way to go.

Integration Opportunities

In this age of “app overload” users want work to be simple and seamless so they can streamline processes and keep business moving forward.

As a DocuSign partner, we can provide the complete e-signature solution together with our market leading DMS integration solutions. Blue Car Technologies’ product portfolio is based on enhancing the function of iManage Work, OpenText eDocs, NetDocuments and Worldox Document Management System.

We integrate DocuSign APIs to allow seamless electronic signatures within a document management environment whilst helping our customers improve governance and compliance for the entire DocuSign transaction.

If your firm is looking to get started with an eSignature solution, contact us today and see how we can help!


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