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Digital Revolution: How Electronic Documents and E-Signature Help your Business Grow

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Over the last couple of years, technological innovation has brought about a lot of changes to the business landscape. From attracting more customers through online advertising, to being able to serve people around the world, technology has opened a lot of doors for improvement and has changed how businesses plan, operate and grow.

While there are many advantages in making a business more digital, there are some businesses that are reluctant to make changes. They may see the process as costly and time-consuming and would rather stick methods that they are familiar with.

However, it’s the businesses that have faced and welcomed the digital revolution that are currently reaping the rewards. According to a survey from Clutch, 83% of small businesses who invested in digital marketing and other digital projects for their business believe that it’s working for them.

There’s no doubt that for large businesses who have been operating in a certain way for a long time, the digital transformation may be a lot harder.

One way you can start transforming your company is through the implementation of business agreement technologies like e-signature. Here are three ways how integrating e-signatures can help your company’s growth:

Improves processing speed

According to a recent study by Forrester Consulting, the number one benefit of an e-signature is the significant improvement of internal process speed. E-signatures eliminate the possibility of incorrectly signed physical copies which boosts efficiency and productivity by up to 11,400 hours annually.

Reduces operating costs

With your business documents in digital form, there will be no need to physically track and store them, saving time and physical space which can then be put to better use. E-signatures also eliminate the need to schedule meetings that are solely for document signings or sending documents through postal services.

Helps you go green

As your business goes paperless, you are not only lowering operational costs and improving productivity. You are also reducing the carbon footprint that inherently comes with having a modern business. According to recent data, the average employee uses 250 kilos of paper a year in developed economies. With the help of e-signatures, you can eliminate your business’ paper, ink, printing, faxing and mail costs on documents and help the environment at the same time.

Transitioning to digital can be a daunting idea at first but this change brings efficiencies, helps businesses win prospective clients and to work better with existing ones. With our 20 years of experience, Blue Car Technologies can help drive productivity and offer convenience to your business. As a DocuSign technology partner, we can provide a complete e-signature package together with our market-leading DMS integration solutions. Contact us and let’s start your business’ digital transformation.

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