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How e-signature can transform your employee onboarding process

The advent of remote and hybrid working has fundamentally changed the employee onboarding process. One of the key onboarding challenges whilst remote and hybrid working is managing paperwork and identity verification for new employees. Traditionally, when a new employee was hired, they would be sent their offer letter through the mail to sign and return, and on their first day other forms, such as tax forms, bank details for salary payments and policies documents would be signed. This lengthy process is not feasible in the age of hybrid working as many employees may not be in the office for their first day of work. The introduction of an e-signature solution can overcome many of these challenges and create a better onboarding process for businesses and new hires. Below are some of the ways an e-signature solution can transform your business’s employee onboarding process.

Time and Cost Savings

Using an e-signature solution for employee onboarding can save time and money in comparison to traditional onboarding. With all documents being digital, there are no costs involved with printing, scanning or having to mail offer letters. Employees can be emailed these documents and sign them from their computer or mobile device, with HR being able to track each document and whether or not it has been signed. E-signature solutions also allow for approval workflows to be automated, with automatic thank you emails after candidates have signed each document.

Another key component of onboarding is identity verification, this may include scanning of passports, driving licenses and visas. In the past, this was completed at the office and the scans were stored securely. Many e-signature solutions also include digital identity verification that can scan and authenticate IDs to ensure they are valid.

Provide a Better Experience for Employees

Emailing onboarding documents creates a better experience for new hires as it allows them to take the time to read documents at their leisure, rather than rushing to sign multiple documents on their first day. As the documents are digital, it is also easier for employees to store all their employment documents in one location, without having to worry about losing the original copy. Introducing an e-signature solution also shows new employees that the business is digital progressive and places importance on providing good experiences for their employees. The reduced times for onboarding and improved experience also decreases the chance of candidates dropping out or accepting other offers.

Increased Security and Compliance

Sending offer letters through the mail and storing paper copies of employee bank details and personal information poses a potential security risk for businesses. One of these risks is that when documents containing personal information are sent through the mail, if they are lost this is technically a data breach. The use of e-signatures is more secure than traditional signatures as there are multiple layers of security, authentication, and encryption. Once the documents have been securely signed and returned to the business, they are able to remain in their secure network. The introduction of an e-signature solution also aids businesses with compliance to GDPR and other data privacy regulations.

Better for the Environment

Over the past decade businesses have become increasingly aware of their impact on the environment, and many businesses are implementing changes to reduce their carbon footprint. Moving to an e-signature solution decreases the amount of paper used and has no carbon impact from sending offer letters through the mail. In addition, once an e-signature solution has been introduced, all documents that require a signature can be sent via email, with many businesses being able to be completely paperless.

As the modern workplace has changed drastically in the past 18 months, employee onboarding needs to mirror this change. An e-signature solution can make it easier for your business to increase productivity, onboard employees more efficiently, and do business more effectively. If you want to find out more about how to introduce an e-signature solution in your business, get in touch today via

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