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Features and benefits of Blue Car Technologies’ iManage Footer Control

Blue Car Technologies’ iManage Footer Control Tool is designed to enable Desktop for Windows users to efficiently organise documents automatically. It is ideal for law firms which handle vast number of different documents daily.

What are the Main Features?

  • The version number in the footer gets updated whenever a new version of the document is saved

  • Global Settings can be configured and controlled centrally via IMCC

  • Further customisation on offer from other information stored in the document profile

  • Different footers for different Office Templates

What information does the Footer include?

  • Document number and version​

  • Library name

  • Document name

  • Other document or Workspace metadata

To benefit from our new iManage Footer Control Tool or learn how we can help you with other innovative iManage integration solutions on offer,  contact or click this link for a free demo or consultation.

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