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Blue Car Technologies' Price Match Guarantee

Blue Car Technologies is pleased to offer a price match guarantee on like-for-like product functionality for their DocuSign Connector for iManage Work and DMS Archiver for iManage Work. We strive to offer our customers products and services at competitive prices.

The DocuSign Connector provides a truly seamless integration between DocuSign and iManage Work, eliminating the unnecessary manual steps of filing signed documents back into the DMS and risking failure to meet regulatory requirements by not having easy access and audits of your signed agreements.

The DMS Archiver delivers an automatic 2-step archiving solution to meet clients’ DMS matter compliance requirements with a configurable workflow to manage extension requests as well as an audit trial of matter workspace archiving activities.

Our commitment to value, quality and service remains as strong as ever, and we aim to make our solutions as accessible as possible.

Blue Car Technologies is a leader in innovative software solutions that improve day-to-day efficiency and enable business transformation for professional services organisations and corporate legal departments.

For a quote on any products and services, contact us at

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