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Blue Car Technologies have signed up to the Tech Talent Charter (TTC)

The Tech Talent Charter (TTC) is a non-profit organisation which aims to promote diversity and inclusion in the UK Tech sector. Their ultimate goal is to create a supportive community where people of all backgrounds are welcomed and listened to. They are supported in their aim by the UK Government's Digital Strategy.

To become a signatory means to commit to ensuring diversity and inclusion is a key component in all aspects of your business. This resonates with our team at Blue Car Technologies. As an employer, we believe diversity is crucial to promoting talent within the organisation. Our workforce is made of different backgrounds and nationalities.

Each brings new, creative approaches to our business and corporate culture, which makes our organisation a successful and attractive working environment to be in.

The TTC offers plenty of useful online resources. Their signatory Tool Kit is an invaluable tool we refer to on a regular basis as we develop and expand our existing team. We particularly recommend the Open Playbook, an online catalogue of resources and case studies.

We will be submitting our workforce data on a yearly basis and will continue to support all our employees in their career goals.

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