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  • Christian Song

Blue Car Technologies DocuSign Connector for iManage Work New Release - Version 2.2

We are pleased to announce the release of version 2.2 of Blue Car Technologies' DocuSign Connector for iManage Work. Our customers will benefit from a host of exciting new features such as:

• The option to control the location where signed documents and certificate documents should be added once they are returned to iManage. The folder location for each type of document will be made configurable through admin settings. This will provide users the flexibility to specify different folder locations for each type of returning document.

• Users will be able to create envelopes by right-clicking on a folder in addition to the existing functionality of creating envelopes by right-clicking on the documents. As part of this added functionality, users will have the ability to choose their pre-selected templates from DocuSign and add them to these envelopes. The signing process for envelopes created using folders will remain the same as the signing process for envelopes created using documents.

• Users will be provided with an ability to specify if the returned documents should be moved to the DocuSign purge queue. Users will be provided with a configuration setting on the DocuSign Connector service to enable/disable the option to move documents to the purge queue.

...and more!

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