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Blue Car Technologies announces ECM-WORKSHOP

New Product for the legal industry: ECM Workshop


London, UK, February 2011 – Blue Car Technologies Ltd (, creator of innovative bespoke software solutions for the legal IT industry including webparts for Elite, announces the launch of new legal IT product suite, ECM Workshop. The release of this new collection of software tools offers advanced management of OpenText eDOCS environments. ECM Workshop comprises of three main parts; ECMRescue, ECMMechanic and ECMHistory.

“We are excited by the launch of ECM Workshop, the feedback from trials has been excellent”, said Colin Fowle, Managing Director of Blue Car Technologies. “By increasing the ability to manage the eDOCS infrastructure in a proactive way, ECM Workshop offers the support team the information they need to optimise their system performance and stability.”

ECM Workshop comprises ECMRescue, ECMMechanic and ECMHistory, all are separately licensed so components can be installed individually or as a package. Some of the many features and functionality of the three ECM Workshop components include:

  • ECMRescue

  • Detection and recovery of zero byte files

  • Easy maintenance of eDOCS specific registry keys to tune the DM client for the detection of zero byte files

  • ECMMechanic

  • Gives administrators the ability to check eDOCS client software installation and patch levels ensuring client compatibility, reducing errors, application lock up’s and time consuming investigations into spurious errors

  • ECMHistory

  • Improves the performance of your eDOCS clients by managing the eDOCS activity log. It allows information to be archived at pre-defined times, but still retains accessibility for historical and compliance purposes

  • Split screen full / part view of history information as required

ECM Workshop has been design to alleviate everyday operational challenges which affect enterprise implementations of the document management infrastructure. ECM Workshop makes implementing OpenText best practice for eDOCs easier and more manageable.

Availability and Pricing

ECM Workshop of the Blue Car Technologies product line are currently available and can be purchased directly from Blue Car Technologies, please visit or phone 01189 255 615. The three ECM Workshop components; ECMRescue, ECMMechanic and ECMHistory are separately licensed so can be installed individually or as a package.

About Blue Car Technologies

Established in 2007, Blue Car Technologies provides innovative tailored IT solutions and service to the legal and professional service industry. As an expert in its field, Blue Car Technologies develops dependable, unique, leading edge software that links and enhances commonly used Microsoft and enterprise legal software systems. Blue Car Technologies is flexible and can tailor its products to fit precise client needs, helping to drive productivity and improve effectiveness on a day to day basis.

Further Information about ECM Workshop

The launch of ECM Workshop has been developed by Blue Car Technologies in conjunction with a recognised leader in records and document management solutions, Lamite Limited. It is currently under trial in selected law firms.

February 2010

OpenText eDOCS

OpenText eDOCS Document Management System (DMS), provides a collaborative working environment and enables users to manage and organize Documents, Emails, Records etc. ECM Workshop has been designed specifically for use with OpenText eDOCS but it can also be tailored for use with other Document Management Systems.

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