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Technology Partnership with iManage Announced

Today in London, Blue Car Technologies Limited, a provider of tailored software solutions to the legal sector have announced they have become an iManage technology partner. As part of this big agreement, Blue Car will empower the users of iManage Work Product Management solutions to digitally sign documents quickly, easily and securely through its integration with the global standard for eSignature and Digital Transaction Management, DocuSign.

Colin Fowle, Managing Director of Blue Car Technologies said, "Our DocuSign Connector streamlines the process of electronically signing documents from the lawyer's familiar working environment within FileSite and DeskSite. Integrated with DocuSign, our solution provides end-to-end management of the digital signing process with completed signed documents returned to the document management system without user intervention, allowing revenue to be realised faster as documents get completed and signed error free in minutes."

Joe Combs, EMEA Channel Partners Director said, "Partnering with Blue Car is very exciting, they provide a valuable service for iManage and 3rd party solutions. Their latest integration with iManage Work and DocuSign seamlessly brings electronic document signing straight to the user's iManage Work desktop so they can do business quickly, efficiently and securely."

Richard Oliphant, EMEA General Counsel at DocuSign, said, "We're pleased to have Blue Car Technologies join the DocuSign Global Trust Network. With DocuSign's recent launch of our eIDAS-compliant standards-based signature suite, Blue Car's DocuSign Connector for iManage will bring the power of eSignature and Digital Transaction Management to more law firms and laywers both in the UK and around the world so they can transact business with their clients with trust and confidence."

Blue Car Technologies will continue providing a valuable service in the future with confidence in their new partners, iManage.

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