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Tips for digital transformation success in law firms

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Law firms are faced with numerous business challenges, including increased competition, client demand, pressure on profitability, slowing revenue growth and even cybersecurity risks.

Because of this, law firms are constantly looking to digital technologies to drive innovation, help them leverage new market opportunities better, improve business efficiency and mitigate risks.

What is digital transformation in law firms?

Law firms are a very “people-first” business. Partners who run the firms, lawyers who work with clients, and the many other support staff have largely operated outside of the world of technology. Save for the use of online document signing, customer databases and email, digital transformation has been slow to reach the legal profession.

So what exactly does digital transformation in law firms look like? Digital transformation is the process of adopting and incorporating technology across the organization to create more efficiency, reduce errors, enhance capabilities, increase insights and improve customer relationships.

Digitisation is known as automating business processes or creating a paperless environment. Usually, technology adoption alone will not be enough to bring about an organisation’s digital transformation. Digital transformation is all encompassing, and it takes time.

Digital transformation sparks a variety of changes, such as mining data for insights to serve the customer better; or working to change your employees’ mindset and relation to technology; or updating your business models and processes.

Push to go paperless

The legal sector is deluged with case-critical paperwork, and with it comes a magnitude of administration. Although, many firms are moving towards digital, a large amount of information is still largely paper-based.

Everything paper based; from case archives and contracts to client records, creates hurdles that prevent solicitors from being agile. Not only can it be difficult to find the information you need when you need it, if a disaster were to strike (i.e. fire, flood) all records would be lost.

Digital case management systems, and secure online document storage can open a world of potential for firms. By removing long paper trails and filing, you can save both time and money while delivering exceptional customer service. Not to mention you’ll be able to spend more time on billable work.

Take the Right Security Measures

As you’d undoubtedly imagine, law firms are a prime target for cybercriminals. When it comes to a law firm following through on digital transformation, t is important that security issues are high on the agenda. They need to take incorporate working security measures with policy-based controls and need-to-know security, making use of records management and strong encryption.

Team up with the right technology partners

The right technology partners are more than vendors. The learning curve of shifting from pen and paper to automated business processes is vital for continuous improvement. Hence, selecting the right technology partner to provide training to your workforce is critical to weather the initial transformation struggles and start executing. Moreover, tech partners are a great source of valuable insights that help businesses map their goals, timelines and scope and eventually maintain sustainable partnerships.

At Blue Car Technologies, we offer a personalised service, from our first engagement with customers. We start a working relationship with your firm by developing a strong face-to-face relationship with you, and gaining an understanding of your firm’s business processes and requirements.

Focus on the Experience of the User

All the best computing platforms out there today provide the best experience for the user they possibly can. Users are looking for systems that improve their productivity, make the users feel efficient, are intuitive and most crucially, secure.

Therefore, to achieve digital transformation success within the workplace, the digital systems put in place need to offer the users the same experience they would have from the comfort of their own home using computers and other equipment outside of work.

For digital transformation to be a success, users need to embrace ‘digital as their default.’ Modern computing platforms are designed to deliver the best user experience possible: they offer an intuitive experience, are secure, make users efficient, and improve productivity.

We offer solutions that are improve the employee experience, such as our integrations with DocuSign and your chosen DMS.

Digitise Processes

By embracing technology, law firms can streamline business processes to increase transparency and efficiency. Client needs have changed and with it expectations on how services should be delivered – you should consider new technologies to create slicker processes and streamline the end-to-end client experience.

According to McKinsey, you should aim to reinvent processes using digital, by cutting the number of steps required in the client experience. McKinsey say this will not only improve client experience, but could also cut cost by up to a staggering 90%!

Blue Car Technologies can help to digitally transform your business. To learn more about how our bespoke software development, integration and support services can help transform your business, contact us today for more information.


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