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Blue Car Technologies’ iManage Integration Solutions

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Blue Car Technologies is a leader in innovative software solutions that improve day-to-day efficiency for law firms and corporate legal departments. We offer arrange of integration solutions specifically designed for iManage customers.

DocuSign and iManage Work Integration

Our DMS integration solution provides a seamless integration between iManage Work clients and DocuSign. It allows documents to be signed from a single right click action with signed documents automatically returned to the iManage.

The market leading integration improves governance and traceability of the entire DocuSign signing experience and includes rich and flexible configuration options to match your organisation’s workflow.

DMS Archiver for iManage Work

The solution provides an automatic 2-step archiving solution to meet your DMS Matter compliance requirements. It has a highly configurable workflow to apply, review and approve extension requests. Learn more.

BI Datahub

Our BI Datahub solution provides a streamlined integration between Microsoft Power BI and your other mission critical business applications such as iManage Work, connecting you directly to your data, uncovering predictive patterns, associations and trends across your organisation.

iManage Footer Control

Our iManage Footer Control solution enables our Desktop for Windows customers to efficiently organise documents with the Automatic Footer tool.

Minisoft ARCS3 and iManage Work Integration

You can maximise your business’ capabilities by integrating your iManage Work environment seamlessly with our Minisoft ARCS3 Connector.

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Blue Car Technologies are exhibiting at Legalweek New York. Book a demo today: Book a Demo at LegalWeek 2023 | Blue Car Technologies Limited | Reading

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